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Getting started with music therapy 

Bluebird Music Therapy LLC is pleased to offer music therapy services for clients and their caretakers. We exclusively offer Telehealth sessions. We assess your unique needs and goals and tailor each music therapy session to meet them.


All interested parties are invited to a complimentary 20 minute consultation to answer any questions, discuss your particular goals and to see if music therapy is a good fit. Consultations can be held over the phone or via HIPAA-compliant video. If you'd like to proceed, you'll be emailed a link to create a client portal for HIPAA-secure messaging, scheduling, and basic paperwork.

Email us to schedule your personal consultation.




After your consultation, an assessment session is conducted via HIPAA-compliant video platform. From there, the music therapist will design a written treatment plan tailored to your or your loved one's unique needs, goals, and preferences for music therapy. 


No two sessions are alike and each one will be tailored to your particular goals and needs. Music therapy can involve

  • Listening to live music for enjoyment, relaxation, or pain reduction

  • Actively participating in music making for self-expression

  • Sharing memories or emotions through music experiences

  • Moving and being active to music

  • Processing emotions or events through music-based interventions

  • Socializing and enjoying companionship to decrease feelings of isolation

  • Working on a variety of functional goals such as improving speech patterns, memory skills, range of motion, or breath support

  • Creating legacy projects or recordings for loved ones

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Still have questions?

Or check out our FAQ!

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