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Bluebird Music Therapy LLC is here to help you find

joy and meaning through music

We can help you navigate your life journey. Learn how music therapy can benefit or contact us for a consultation

Bluebird Music Therapy LLC offers virtual sessions for adults with a variety of cognitive, emotional, and social goals, and primarily serves older individuals experiencing changes that can occur later in life, all the way through end-of-life.

We also offer music wellness video subscription service for older adults, "Senior Song Club," designed to increase sensory and cognitive stimulation, improve quality of life, enhance mood, and improve social connections with those around us. 

Caring for you, one note at a time

music therapy Lancaster, PA

Our Philosophy

Bluebird Music Therapy LLC takes a person-centered approach, valuing you as a whole person, with a unique story to tell, and someone who is more than just a diagnosis. We work with your current situation to help you meet your goals and needs, all while taking into account your unique life experiences and preferences. 


Bluebird Music Therapy LLC believes everyone deserves to have meaningful experiences and access to support throughout life. We are all in this together!

About Music Therapy

Music therapy sessions are individualized for every client to meet their unique needs, taking into consideration their personal preferences, wishes, and goals. You do not need to be a musician or have any musical experience whatsoever to participate. Sessions are led by a board certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) who has obtained at least a Bachelor's degree in the field, has completed 1,200 supervised clinical hours, and is required to complete continuing education to remain certified.

What is music therapy like?

Each session is individualized to meet your needs and goals. Sessions can involve listening to live music, as well as playing musical instruments or singing. It can also involve sharing memories, reminiscing, and enjoying companionship and socialization through music, as well as using elements of music to achieve cognitive, motor/physical, or speech goals for rehabilitation.

Music therapy supports​​

  • Mental health needs related to Depression, Anxiety, or feelings of loneliness

  • Needs related to socialization, connection, and opportunities for personal enrichment

  • Interest in maintaining wellness and engaging in new experiences to optimize health

  • Speech or language disorders such as aphasia, apraxia, and dysarthria

  • Cancer and other chronic pain needs

  • Neurologic conditions such as Dementia, Stroke, or Parkinson’s

  • End of life needs while under hospice care 

Benefits of music therapy

Music Therapy is a researched and evidence-based practice that can bring powerful, meaningful change
Music therapy can decrease
  • Stress and anxiety levels
  • Perception of pain
  • Confusion
Music therapy can increase
  • Alertness and orientation
  • Mood and emotional regulation
  • Comfort through non-verbal expression
  • Motivation
  • Sense of control
  • Emotional expression
  • Connection with others
Music therapy can improve
  • Memory recall, concentration, and cognitive skills
  • Self-awareness and coping skills
  • Motor skills and coordination
  • Expressive language and voice function
  • General well-being and quality of life

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